Warren Ferster Manchester


About Warren Ferster of Manchester

Warren Ferster of Manchester is the Executive Director of Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC), a software developer and marketing/branding company, specializing in innovation and superior customer service. ITC is a technology company, in Manchester, made up of highly enthusiastic and talented people who are constantly on the cusp of the latest trends. The people who work at ITC are inspired by innovation and are proud to be on the front lines of state-of-the-art products and strategies that are being used these days for branding and marketing. Their reputation speaks for itself and they have countless happy customers.

Prior to this, for nearly twenty years, Warren Ferster worked as the CEO for the Gaynor Group, which was a family-run business. The company was in the industry of producing polyethene film. This film was extruded at their factory and then printed on flexographic printers. It was then converted into carrier bags. The company serviced many impressive, top-level brands such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, and Littlewoods for many years.

In addition to this long-standing career, Warren was also employed for nearly 25 years as the CEO for Coral Products, another proud family-run business. Also a business within the plastics industry, the company manufactured injection-moulded VHS cases, eventually converting their factory to evolve to moulding CD and DVD cases. They were at one time one of the largest media packaging companies in Europe. As they grew, they also branched out into other products, such as plastic food containers.










When he isn’t working, Warren Ferster, Manchester is busy spending time with family and is an active member of Yom Hashoah Manchester. As a tribute to Chaim Ferster, Holocaust survivor during the Second World War, the Salford City Council installed an audio solar bench at what was once his local park. He used to walk the same route each day with Blue, his dog. Before Ferster’s passing at the ripe old age of 94, he shared his experiences with the younger generation, to help educate about the war and shine a light on discrimination. People can listen to his stories in his own words.