In most business organizations, there are both managers and leaders. While the terms may seem similar, the positions are very different from each other.

In a 2021 Forbes article, the author explains some of the differences between managers and leaders and offers tips on how to develop more leadership qualities.

Presented here are several processes and strategies that can help people to think and act more like a leader in their professional endeavors.

Micromanagement is Bad Management

Some managers tend to hyper-focus on workplace production and try to control everything around them. By micromanaging employees, managers run the risk of sabotaging their own efforts. Working employees too hard and/or for too long can cause them to develop bad attitudes, which can lead to a decrease in production.

A good leader will motivate others to assume leadership roles, while still providing advice and direction if needed.

Diminish Ego and Strengthen Communication Skills

Effective leaders regularly place an emphasis on other people’s perspectives and diminish their own. By listening to what others have to say, leaders allow people to feel like they matter. This, in turn, often brings about improved attitudes and increased production.

Maintaining a true sense of humility is very important for people in leadership positions. They can meet and exceed production goals, without having to force themselves on their workers. Treating the employees with respect, and offering advice when asked, can have great results.

Giving employees the opportunity to share what’s on their minds, and taking the time to listen to them can make the workers feel better overall about their employment.

Lead by Example

The qualities and skills that make a person a good leader need to be consistently reinforced through hard work and appropriate behavior. While high levels of job performance can be admirable, they do not necessarily qualify a person to successfully lead other people.

Being aware of other people’s needs and aspirations, as well as having a keen sense of self-awareness are traits that are common among business leaders.

Because of their professional positions, business leaders are frequently viewed as role models. Realizing that, a forward-thinking leader will always strive to inspire others while seeing the bigger picture.