Currently, the majority of office employees are working from home because of COVID-19. Workers are uncertain about their future with the company and their finances. During such times, firms are responsible for restoring hope by making workers feel safe. The following are some of the ways that companies can do that.

The Manager’s Space should be Organized

Before going online, the manager should create a safe and professional environment. They should get rid of the clutter in the background and make the set look professional. The lighting should be perfect so that other workers can see him or her. The manager should also dress formally as if he or she were going to the office. When employees see a well-dressed manager in an organized space, they feel safe because the ambiance is familiar. It’s as if they are back in the office despite the distance.

The Manager should not be Stressed

Human beings can sense when someone else is in distress. It doesn’t matter whether the other person is on the phone or using a webcam; people can feel those negative emotions. To make other employees feel safe in a virtual environment, the manager should control those emotions. He or she should talk to someone about it or take a deep breath before conducting a virtual meeting. Alternatively, the manager could tell the employees what they are feeling. It’s better to be upfront than keep everything bottled up inside.

Managers should Show Empathy

Managers are responsible for their subordinates. They’re supposed to check up on them to see if everything is alright. A manager should ask an employee how they feel before they start the meeting. They should find out if there are any underlying issues. The manager should also ask the employee how his or her immediate family is doing. Showing empathy makes the employee feel safe.

Managers should Offer Support

At a time like this, when COVID-19 is creating so much uncertainty, employees are scared. Not all of them will be honest with their feelings. Therefore, before the manager begins the virtual meeting, they should remind employees that they’re not alone. The manager should tell them that the company is ready to help in any way they can. The boss should inform them about special financing programs and perks. That way, they know that the organization is with them.

Companies should use the above tips to create a safe virtual space for employees. Without reassuring employees, the company will experience low profits due to diminishing productivity. Scared workers are not motivated to do their best.