In any given industry, companies scramble for the best talent in the market. Employees are also looking for much more than a salary when taking up new jobs, so companies have to innovate ways to attract talent continuously. Here are some areas one can look into while trying to find ways to attract and also retain talent in their company:


With the current situation in the world, where a pandemic is threatening most people, flexible employers are likely to win the attention of job seekers. Flexibility in terms of working hours and the ability to work from home are essential. Employers can devise systems for non-essential workers to sometimes work from home, reducing congestion at workplaces and the risk of contracting coronavirus. Employees will then feel that their welfare has been taken into consideration.

Career advancement programs

Companies that invest in employee career advancement and development are more likely to retain their employees for a longer period than those that do not. Companies can do this through mentorship, offering study leaves, paying part of tuition fees, and investing in development programs.

Grow the team from within

When vacancies arise in a company, it is usually good to first consider getting the replacement from within the organization. Employees feel motivated when they see that there are chances and opportunities for growth in the company. Some companies do not give employees this opportunity but rather pick replacements from outside the organization. When this continuously happens, the employees get demoralized and are likely to look for other employment opportunities.

Offering benefits

Beyond paying a good salary, companies can consider offering medical insurance, cheaper development loans, and other such incentives. It will help retain employees because even when offered better wages, they will do a benefit analysis. In the end, they are most likely to stick with an employer who provides more than a good salary.

Develop a solid organizational culture

Skilled employees who know their strengths well and have created a niche for themselves in the market already know their worth. It may be difficult to wow them with just an attractive package. They will be looking for an organization with an engaging culture that they want to identify with. It is wise for companies to develop and live up to organizational cultures that other people also want to be identified with.

It is crucial for employers to continuously enhance their workplace culture and environment to attract and retain their employees.