Everyone wants to be liked by their co-workers. Who doesn’t want to have the support of the people you work with every day? However, it’s hard enough to make friends in an office environment where you see your colleagues face to face daily.

What are some tips for developing good relationships with your colleagues while you work remotely?


1) Utilize telecommunication channels like Slack and Trello to communicate with your colleagues

While working remotely, it’s very easy to feel isolated and left out of all the office gossip and workplace shenanigans. Utilizing telecommunication channels like Slack or Trello will give you a way to connect with your fellow remote workers and let them know that you’re around and care about their general wellbeing and happiness.


2) Don’t hesitate to go on group outings

If you find yourself wanting to hang out with the people you work with, don’t be shy! You are just as important as everyone else in the office, and it’s okay if you want to drink a cup of coffee with your co-workers after work. They’ll be happy to have you there and will probably even buy your drink!


3) Go out of your way to grab coffee or lunch with the people you work with

Even if it takes a little bit longer for you to get to where they’re located, take some time during your lunch break and show these people that they matter. You’re working remotely not just because you want more freedom and control over your schedule but because you want to better yourself and improve your life.

It doesn’t hurt to be friends with the people you work with, it’s actually a good thing! And the fact that you’re reading this article means that you care about your professional development and future career prospects. That means that it’s in your best interest to meet new people, including the ones you work with!


4) Participate in Hobbies with Co-workers

Everyone has different interests that they love to partake in, so find a fellow remote worker who shares your hobby and meet up with them!

Don’t be afraid of new social situations, it doesn’t hurt to try. So go out there, make friends with some co-workers, and have a great time being part of something bigger than yourself!