With the increasing number of meetings that people have to attend at work, it becomes essential for them to prepare for the meeting in advance. This will help them focus on what is important and save time from being lost.

Here are four suggestions to make your business meetings more productive.\

Plan Your Meeting

It is difficult to have an efficient meeting when you don’t have the right plan. The success of your meeting plans depends on how well you manage your schedule and how much attention you put into planning what needs to be discussed and for how long.

Create a Meeting Template or Checklist

In today’s businesses, meetings have become a big part of our lives. It’s overwhelming to prepare for one, but it is necessary. Without a plan, your meeting will get hijacked by distracting questions and irrelevant discussions.

To ensure you can stick to a plan, create a meeting template or checklist ahead of time. This will help you prepare more efficiently and avoid long deviations into topics that aren’t relevant to the issue you’re trying to resolve with the meeting.

Organize an Agenda

What do you want to accomplish in your business meeting? This is a simple question, but if you’re not clear, it suggests that you don’t have a clear agenda in mind.

So organizing an agenda for your meeting is the first step in making sure it is effective and productive. This includes knowing what you want to achieve from the meeting.

Develop a Replicable Structure

A simple three-point structure should suffice in creating consistently effective meetings.

The first structural element is to plan by having a clear agenda and knowing the purpose of the meeting.

The second is to use technology like whiteboards and pens or sticky notes.

The third is to have each person present their idea in bullet points so that it’s easy for everyone else in the meeting to understand what they’re saying.


There are no bulletproof ways to organize a productive meeting, nor is it easy to set it back on course if it’s dragging along, but by following the four solutions mentioned here, you have a much higher chance of making all your meetings more productive and efficient.