The internet is already thoroughly entrenched in our society, making it challenging to do anything without going online. This requires every business to maintain a website that’s useful and accessible to everyone. Improving the accessibility of your site will help you serve all of your customers better, but this may be particularly true for older adult customers who may or may not be tech-savvy.

Creating a User-Friendly Business Website

Make the Text Legible

The first thing to consider is how the text on your web pages will look to individuals with poor eyesight. Even when individuals have eyeglasses, they may still have trouble making out fancy fonts or small text. Try to use fonts that are clear and easy to make out rather than curvy or elegant fonts. Additionally, choose a font size that’s 12 or higher for easy legibility. Try standing five feet away from your monitor. If you can read the text without squinting, it should be fine.


Make Menus Easy to Use

Certain individuals may not see drop-down menus or hidden menu boxes, so you should avoid these options altogether. Instead, try to use traditional internal links that are plainly marked on your web pages. It’s also a good idea to add a search bar to each web page. Many users are impatient when using websites, and they prefer to search for what they want directly. Adding these features will provide a more pleasant experience for your users, ensuring they will spend more time on your site.


Use a Broad Range of Colors

You will also make your site easier to read and use for every visitor when using a broader range of colors. Ensure a link that has already been clicked changes color, such as going from blue to purple or red. Additionally, avoid using different shades of the same color. If your website background is white or cream-colored, use a black or dark blue font color.


Since some of today’s users didn’t grow up with the internet, they may find it especially challenging to use websites. You can help them by ensuring your sites and eCommerce pages are easy to read and simple to use. Taking these steps will allow all of your customers to use your site to order your products or services.