Spring is here, and this is a great time to open the windows and get motivated to declutter your surroundings. Studies have shown that people are more productive when surrounded by a tidy, uncluttered environment. Most people only think about their homes, but there are several advantages to cleaning out your business.

Many companies hold marketing campaigns that come with plenty of swag or promotional materials. After a while, these become outdated and no longer serve a useful purpose. The same goes for website design. Instead of storing past mementos that are just taking up space, free yourself both physically and emotionally by getting rid of the old things and changing the website. Creative minds thrive in a fresh environment that encourages new ideas, so it’s better not to be surrounded by old ones.

Putting a figurative spin on eliminating clutter or baggage, consider the emotional baggage that may impede your business. There might be employees who are having issues with each other. Airing out differences and feelings in a non-judgemental, safe environment can give the entire office a breath of fresh air, especially if they were being weighed down by animosity or gossip. Open communication is essential in any effective office, even if it’s to voice a complaint.

It shows a great appreciation for your staff if you put care into the place where they spend a good portion of their day. Prospective and current hires will also have a more positive attitude if they see you show pride in the workplace’s appearance. Your employees will march into work, proud to be a part of an aesthetically-pleasing environment, and will start the day off in a good mood. Employees want to be able to relax and grab a coffee or a snack without having to worry about breaking anything, so if any appliances need to be fixed, make sure you have them in top working shape. A fresh cost of paint will also do wonders for any space. 

Sometimes it helps to bring in an expert. If you have the budget, hire a landscaping company to visit twice a year to spruce up the curb appeal of the building. A professional cleaning crew is another way to show your employees how much you value their work environment. Choose alternative workspaces and relaxing furniture so that employees can have the flexibility to move around and work comfortably.