When people search for a new job, one of the most important factors they consider when choosing a company is its culture. A strong corporate environment can help a company thrive in difficult times. According to a 2019 study by Glassdoor, over 75% of job seekers would consider a company’s culture before they apply. Here are some ways to improve it.


Emphasize Company Values

Having a strong culture can help employees feel valued and productive. It can also help them connect with the company and its goals. Before employees start working, make sure that everyone knows what the company stands for.


Allow for Flexibility

Each person has needs unique to them that can be catered to with flexible scheduling options. For instance, some employees work late, some are morning people, and some are night owls. Having a flexible work schedule can help employees feel valued and productive. It can also help the company grow and meet its goals.


Encourage Authenticity

Everyone has their own specific set of interests and hobbies, and no one wants to be seen as just another cog in a machine. Being able to express themselves freely can help employees feel valued and productive.


Create Opportunities for Cross-Departmental Interaction

Many companies have silos that prevent them from effectively addressing their various problems. Having cross-functional meetings can help companies develop effective strategies and improve their work relationships.


Reward Accomplishments

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, recognition is the most important factor that employees consider when it comes to choosing a company. It can be done through various forms of recognition, such as monetary awards. Having a strong culture can help employees feel valued and productive.


Schedule Recreational Time

A survey conducted by Eagle Hill Consulting revealed that almost 60% of employees in the US are burned out. To reduce burnout, companies should schedule regular play sessions. These can help employees feel valued and productive. Besides regular games, other activities such as virtual mixology classes or paint night events can also help employees feel more engaged.


Although there is no single magic bullet that can improve corporate culture, it is important to make sure that it is a priority to improve the various aspects of it. Some of these include: sharing the company’s mission, recognizing everyone’s unique talents, having more cross-departmental meetings, and allowing employees to be their authentic selves. Having these factors can help a company become more successful and happier.