Emotional intelligence is when someone can manage their own emotions well and pick up on the emotional cues of the people around them. It is an important quality for all people, not just leaders. However, it is especially crucial for people who assume leadership roles because they need social and emotional skills in order to relate to their subordinates and superiors. The following are four reasons why leaders must have emotional intelligence.

  • Helpful Humor

A leader with emotional intelligence can use humor appropriately. This is especially important when giving criticism because it helps defuse tension and makes the other person more willing to listen. Also, even if the criticism is difficult to hear, it will be more readily received because of the humor used. Humor can also be helpful when leading a team of employees. A leader might have to tell an embarrassing story about one of his or her subordinates to get them to behave better. Doing so could help them feel closer to the group, and also make them feel like they can relate to their employees.

  • Empathetic Listening

A leader with emotional intelligence will be a good listener, especially when it comes to listening to their subordinates. It is also beneficial for leaders to empathize with other people because it allows them to put themselves in someone else’s shoes even if they cannot help that person with whatever problems they might be experiencing.

  • Cultivated Communication

A leader with emotional intelligence will be able to give and receive constructive criticism, as well as praise. In order for people to perform their best at work, they need to know what they are doing correctly and incorrectly. With emotional intelligence, a leader will listen to his or her subordinates, acknowledge their grievances, and make the necessary changes.

  • Mental Health Management

Leaders with emotional intelligence are able to manage their mental well-being. This includes being able to handle stress, anger, work problems, family issues, or other life problems that might interfere with the way they work. Also, they will be able to determine the mental state of the people they are leading and figure out a way to help them through their problems.